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Please enter the requested information in the spaces provided below. Your new password will be subjected to a strength check before being accepted. The password strength bar below will indicate the relative strength of your password, but is not a guarantee that your password will be accepted. Further information is available from the University Information Security Office's guidelines for choosing a secure password:

University of Arizona Guidelines for Password Construction and Maintenance

CatMail Users
This process will also reset your CatMail password, which is used to set up other applications or mobile devices to read email or sync calendar from CatMail. Your new CatMail password will be emailed to you. Once reset, if you receive email via CatMail, please check CatMail from the Web (when you see UA's WebAuth login screen) to retrieve your new CatMail password.

UAConnect Users
Your email password (UAConnect) is the same as your NetID password. As such, the UAConnect password is subject to the same expiration date as your NetID. Prior to changing your NetID password please read the Password Reset Best Practices instructions which provides the steps you will need to perform on mobile devices and desktop/laptops for both Windows and Mac.

Forget your password?

Suggestions for strong, memorable passwords

  • Use of a "pass phrase" instead of a password.
  • Think of nursery rhymes, songs, slogans, mottos.
  • Pick a phrase or a sentence that you can remember.
  • Make sure it is 10 or more characters long, includes capitalization, spaces, and some punctuation.
  • Misspell a word or two for added strength.
  • Some examples:
    This and That!
    ...Went up the Hill
    Meat me in St. Louis

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